Yoga Pearl

Yoga Pearl

Yoga Pearl
  • Vinyasa at Yoga Pearl

    15 videos

  • Myofascial Release at Yoga Pearl

    1 video

    Self myofascial release and massage techniques designed to release and hydrate connective tissues.

  • Slow Flow at Yoga Pearl

    23 videos

    A slow and mindful flowing style of practice with a focus on breath and listening to the body.

  • Yin at Yoga Pearl

    5 videos

    A relaxing, meditative practice where passive shapes are held for 3-5min with the support of props.

  • Hatha at Yoga Pearl

    2 videos

    Taking classical yoga postures one at a time, Hatha classes focus on mindfulness and alignment as a means to build strength, balance and flexibility.

  • Meditation and Pranayama at Yoga Pearl

    11 videos

    Pranayama restores balance to the nervous system creating a relaxed awareness for meditation.

  • Sound Healing at Yoga Pearl

    1 video

    Allow beautiful sounds to wash over you, bringing calmness and ease to the entire body and mind.

  • Skills & Drills at Yoga Pearl

    6 videos

    Short practices that provide strength building techniques and alignment cues to get you moving.

  • Archived Yoga Pearl Live Streams

    5 seasons

    Here you will find a collection of previous live streams from Yoga Pearl