Weekly Guide to Extraordinary Wellness

Weekly Guide to Extraordinary Wellness

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Weekly Guide to Extraordinary Wellness
  • Pranayama Series with Cat- Kapalabhati

    Episode 1

    Come into the power of your breath! These short meditations focus on various types of breathwork or pranayama. This practice is clearing and energizing- perfect for that midday rut or the start of a vigorous yoga flow. No props necessary, but you are welcome to sit on a folded blanket or pillow f...

  • Neck & Shoulder Hatha With Carlye

    Episode 2

    Is there ever a time in which we can't benefit from the release of tension in our necks and shoulders? For most of us, the answer is no. This practice will focus on the upper half of the torso while integrating a full body practice.

    Hatha yoga is a system of health that includes three distinct...

  • Go with the Flow Balances and Inversion with Lori

    Episode 3

    This is a 30 minute intermediate to advanced yoga flow that is filled with deep stretches, inversions and balancing poses.

  • Chakra Introduction Meditation with Alia

    Episode 4

    Practicing meditation not only enhances our physical body and fitness, but also purifies our energetic body. It does so by gradually unblocking your energy pathways, or nadis, so that your life-force, or prana, can flow freely with the aim of wakening our latent energy. The practices in this seri...

  • Energizing Full Body Workout with Dr Lara

    Episode 5

    Fun high energy workout- Get a total body cardio and strength workout with no equipment needed! Just bring your shoes, your water, and your willingness to sweat!

  • 7 Chakra Flow and Meditation with Alia

    Episode 6

    Learn about the 7 Chakras then connect with them through a short flow followed by a short mediation that will have you reflecting on your chakras.

  • Abdominal Workout + Flow with Carlye

    Episode 7

    Ab Workout & Flow series focuses on strengthening the torso while incorporating some yoga postures. Props needed: 1 block

  • Yin Spinal Mobility Series with Cat - Side Bends

    Episode 8

    It's often said that you're as young as your spine is flexible. Especially powerful for those who spend significant time sitting. This practice focuses on moving the spine thoroughly through one directional plane. It’s all about balance- left and right that is. Send some love to your two favorite...

  • Fire Element Yin with Rebecca

    Episode 9

    This Fire element focused yin class is centered on opening the upper body (shoulders, chest, and heart). Lower body additions will be offered throughout the practice. Blanket optional.