Weekly Guide to Extraordinary Wellness

Weekly Guide to Extraordinary Wellness

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Weekly Guide to Extraordinary Wellness
  • Balancing Amana Flow with Justine

    This vinyasa flow will build heat as we flow and play with balance, leading to Natarajasana. Props needed: blocks if you have them

  • Mantra Meditation with Lori

    The practice of mantras goes back thousands of years and holds great power. Chanting raises our vibration and energy! Lori has started her practice of chanting in 2000 and led Kirtan ( ecstatic chant) for a solid decade in VT. No props necessary.

  • Low Impact Upper Body Workout with Lara

    A 30 min. upper body strength workout, low impact, no equipment and no shoes needed, and work up a sweat! With elongation stretching warm-up and cool-down for injury prevention.

  • Advanced Asana with Lori

    Yoga to boost your immunity and strength. Pranayama/breathing practices and Asanas / postures to increase stability and enhance power.

  • Amana Flow with Rebecca

    A heart-opening practice focusing on backbends, side body stretching, and detoxification

  • Amana Flow with Sophie

    Begin with a swift warm up and get ready to build heat from the inside out, get sweaty with it, connect the mind and body through breath and learn how to breathe through ANYTHING. Perfect for the day that you wake up with a crazy list of things to-do and need to focus on getting.stuff.done. Leave...

  • Pranayama Series with Cat- Nadi Shodhana

    Come into the power of your breath! These short meditations focus on various types of breathwork or pranayama. This practice helps to unify both sides of the body and mind, bringing a sense of ease and balance. No props are necessary, but you are welcome to sit on a folded blanket or pillow for h...

  • Throat Chakra Flow with Lori

    Get unstuck in your throat chakra through movement, breathwork and sound! Dog breath, backbends and more to move the energy in your throat and to stimulate your thyroid and Parathyroid glands

  • Yoga for Cyclists - Yin Yoga: Neck + Shoulder Release

    Vin-Yin Shoulder Release with Carlye
    Vin/Yin follows the energetic flow of a class that builds strength and mobility in the body followed by a cool down with longer holds. The focus for this class is shoulder releasing through dynamic and static stretching. Props needed: block & cushion/blanket

  • Throat Chakra Meditation with Alia

    This 10 minute Meditation teaches you about the Throat Chakra

  • Replay 7/24: Yin w/ Tucker Shelton (4:00pm MST)

    Amana Live 6/3: Yin Chakra Series with Tucker Shelton: Throat + Third Eye
    This is the third of a four part Yin Chakra Series with Tucker Shelton