Weekly Guide to Extraordinary Wellness

Weekly Guide to Extraordinary Wellness

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Weekly Guide to Extraordinary Wellness
  • Go with the Flow Balances and Inversion with Lori

    This is a 30 minute intermediate to advanced yoga flow that is filled with deep stretches, inversions and balancing poses.

  • Upper Body Workout With Lara

    A 30 min. arms and abs focused workout. Strengthen your core and upper body with no equipment. Low impact, no shoes needed. With elongation stretching warm-up and cool-down for injury prevention.

  • Balancing Amana Flow with Justine

    This vinyasa flow will build heat as we flow and play with balance, leading to Natarajasana. Props needed: blocks if you have them

  • Hatha Yoga- Svarga Dvidasana (Bird of Paradise) with Carlye

    This practice focuses on Svarga Dvidasana (Bird of Paradise), a standing balancing posture that opens hips and uses a bind. Slow down your practice and work your way up to this fun yet challenging pose. Props needed: block & strap

  • Amana Flow with Sophie

    Begin with a swift warm up and get ready to build heat from the inside out, get sweaty with it, connect the mind and body through breath and learn how to breathe through ANYTHING. Perfect for the day that you wake up with a crazy list of things to-do and need to focus on getting.stuff.done. Leave...

  • Pranayama Series with Cat - Bhramari

    Come into the power of your breath! These short meditations focus on various types of breathwork or pranayama. This practice is medicine for the nervous system. Let the soothing vibrations of this breathwork calm you in times of stress or prepare your body and mind for sleep. No props are necessa...

  • Yin Spinal Mobility Series with Cat - Backbends

    It's often said that you're as young as your spine is flexible. Especially powerful for those who spend significant time sitting. This practice focuses on moving the spine thoroughly through one directional plane. Experience heart opening shapes like you never have and practice strength through v...

  • Heart Chakra Flow with Alia

    This heart chakra based class begins with a short intention setting meditation and slowly brings you into an energizing flow. It will help you to understand your chakras, specifically the heart chakra, by opening your heart and linking your body with your intentions.

  • Amana Live 5/13: Yin Chakra Series with Tucker Shelton: Arms + Spine

    Amana Live 5/13: Yin Chakra Series with Tucker Shelton: Arms + Spine