Weekly Guide to Extraordinary Wellness

Weekly Guide to Extraordinary Wellness

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Weekly Guide to Extraordinary Wellness
  • Go with the Flow Balances and Inversion with Lori

    Episode 1

    This is a 30 minute intermediate to advanced yoga flow that is filled with deep stretches, inversions and balancing poses.

  • Chakra Meditation with Lori

    Episode 2

    Enjoy a relaxing guided chakra journey to help you feel more grounded, in harmony and well balanced in your life! Blocks, Blankets and Bolster recommended.

  • Spring Yin with Rebecca

    Episode 3

    This spring-focused yin class is centered around opening up hips, hamstrings and inner legs. The class also brings in space to the front body through twists and heart-expansion.

  • Yin Yoga with Cassidy

    Episode 4

    The Yin practice offers you the opportunity to balance the active and external yang energy with the passive and internal yin energy. You will be guided through a series of floor-based poses (held 3-5 minutes) which targets the deeper connective tissue, including ligaments, joints and fascia. Usin...

  • Solar Plexus Chakra Flow with Alia

    Episode 5

    Balance your third chakra - the center of courage with this invigorating flow!

  • 20 Minute Abdominal Workout + Flow with Carlye

    Episode 6

    Ab Workout & Flow series focuses on strengthening the torso while incorporating some yoga postures. Props needed: 1 block

  • Pranayama Series with Cat- Kapalabhati

    Episode 7

    Come into the power of your breath! These short meditations focus on various types of breathwork or pranayama. This practice is clearing and energizing- perfect for that midday rut or the start of a vigorous yoga flow. No props necessary, but you are welcome to sit on a folded blanket or pillow f...

  • Yin Spinal Mobility Series with Cat - Twists

    Episode 8

    It's often said that you're as young as your spine is flexible. Especially powerful for those who spend significant time sitting. This practice focuses on moving the spine thoroughly through one directional plane. Twists are associated with digestion and can help us ‘digest’ both mentally and phy...

  • Amana Flow: Twisting with Justine

    Episode 9

    This vinyasa flow will build heat and wring out the spine as we incorporate lots of twisting. No props needed!

  • Flying Pigeon Peak Flow with Carlye

    Episode 10

    Challenge yourself with this fun class featuring the arm balance pose, Eka Pada Galavasana, or flying pigeon. This practice will prepare you to take flight through hip opening asanas, strength building, and lighthearted focus. Above all, enjoy the process. You may just surprise yourself.

    Amana F...

  • Salute the Sun with Justine

    Episode 11

    Salute the sun and stoke your inner fire as we flow through Sun Salutations A + B

  • Amana Live 5/13: Yin Chakra Series with Tucker Shelton: Arms + Spine

    Episode 12

    Amana Live 5/13: Yin Chakra Series with Tucker Shelton: Arms + Spine