Weekly Guide to Extraordinary Wellness

Weekly Guide to Extraordinary Wellness

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Weekly Guide to Extraordinary Wellness
  • Pranayama Series with Cat - Deergha Swasam

    Episode 1

    Come into the power of your breath! These short meditations focus on various types of breathwork or pranayama. This practice is calming and grounding. Great for those days when everything seems to be going too fast and you need to slow down.

  • In Bed Restorative with Cat

    Episode 2

    A soothing restorative practice to help you wind down before sleep or for those days when the senses feel overwhelmed. From the comfort of your own bed, using only pillows and blankets, we'll explore longer holds in fully supported shapes to settle our bodies and calm our minds. Suitable for all ...

  • Foundational Amana Flow with Cassidy

    Episode 3

    Amana Flow is a Vinyasa yoga style with an emphasis in creating heat in the body with breath that builds into a breath-to-movement dance. Typically a little quicker moving, postures are intelligently sequenced to build to an advanced posture, with a sweet cool down. Level 1 and Level 2 classes av...

  • Low Impact Lower Body Workout with Lara

    Episode 4

    A 30 minute lower body strength workout, low impact, no shoes required. With elongation stretching warm-up and cool-down for injury prevention.

  • Lower Body Workout With Lara

    Episode 5

    A 30 min. lower body high impact workout. Bring your body and your water, and get ready to work up a sweat! With elongation stretching warm-up and cool-down for injury prevention.

  • Yoga Nidra: A Guided Meditation Experience with Alia

    Episode 6

    Arrange yourself in a comfortable reclined position, with support beneath your head and perhaps knees if your low back is cranky.
    This 20-minute guided meditation is perfect to do as a pre-bedtime experience or a mid-day pick me up. Yoga Nidra means “Yogic Sleep” in Sanskrit- and though you may f...

  • Yin with Alia: Root Chakra

    Episode 7

    The Yin practice offers you the opportunity to balance the active and external yang energy with the passive and internal yin energy. You will be guided through a series of floor-based poses (held 3-5 minutes) which targets the deeper connective tissue, including ligaments, joints and fascia. Usin...

  • Mantra Meditation with Lori

    Episode 8

    The practice of mantras goes back thousands of years and holds great power. Chanting raises our vibration and energy! Lori has started her practice of chanting in 2000 and led Kirtan ( ecstatic chant) for a solid decade in VT. No props necessary.

  • Chakra Introduction Meditation with Alia

    Episode 9

    Practicing meditation not only enhances our physical body and fitness, but also purifies our energetic body. It does so by gradually unblocking your energy pathways, or nadis, so that your life-force, or prana, can flow freely with the aim of wakening our latent energy. The practices in this seri...

  • Chakra Meditation with Lori

    Episode 10

    Enjoy a relaxing guided chakra journey to help you feel more grounded, in harmony and well balanced in your life! Blocks, Blankets and Bolster recommended.

  • Immune & Wellness Tips with Cameron Elmendorf

    Episode 11

    Cameron received her Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine from Southwest Acupuncture College in Boulder, Colorado in 2006. She has been practicing in Boulder/Denver for over 14 years. Cameron compliments her acupuncture practice with a deep knowledge of the western paradigm of women’s health, ...

  • Amana Live 4/29: Yin Chakra Series with Tucker Shelton

    Episode 12

    This gentle yet transformative yin yoga series takes practitioners on a journey from root to crown of the Hindu energy system. By freeing up blockages in each of the seven energy centers of the body, we clear a path for freshly oxygenated blood and prana to flow into our entire being. The results...

  • Yin Chakra Series with Tucker Shelton - Legs + Hips

    Episode 13

    Yin Chakra Series with Tucker Shelton - Legs + Hips