Vinyasa at Yoga Pearl

Vinyasa at Yoga Pearl

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Vinyasa at Yoga Pearl
  • 75 Minute Fiery Flow with Nikki

    This 75 minute flow will fire you up, creating heat and connection

  • Open Heart with Strength and an Invite for Stillness with Natasha Wightman

    In this class you will move through a traditional warm up to have time to connect with your breath, following with a fun flow that includes options to move into Wildthing and Side Plank. There are modifications for yogis unfamiliar with these poses or for those who want to move with more stillnes...

  • Full Body and Free Mind with Jessica Baker

    An all levels vinyasa practice tailored to target the whole body. This practice is sprinkled with core strength, range of motion work, breath filled postures, as well as dynamic movement with the breath. Rich in appreciation of the vinyasa style practice with sun salutations, and soulful flow.

  • Progression towards Hanumanasana with Dena Zimbel

    This class prepares the body for an extreme pose called Hanumanasana. Create integrity with the core/spine, hips, legs and feet. Flexibility can be vulnerable if the body is not prepared to support soft tissue around the joints. Strength and control in extreme range can be a game changer, providi...

  • Warrior 3 Flow with Natasha Wightman

    This class is perfect for those interested in a lot of single leg balances that get you prepared to flow gracefully with your breath in and out of Warrior 3 variations. We will also incorporate core work to help stabilize and support your spine.

  • 360 Degrees around the Heart with Jessica Baker

    In this 360 degree approach to the heart, we will ebb and flow between strengthening and cracking your heart wide open. The practice is sprinkled with shoulder girdle strength, thoracic spine rotation, chest opening, arm balancing options, and so much more.

  • Nature Is Medicine with Annie Adamson

    Experiment with varied movement and re-wild your yoga. This challenging 60-minute class will connect you to the intuitive side of movement, and it will also introduce innovative ways that asana can be Functional, playful and strength building. Come and enjoy breaking free from habituated movement.

  • Sacred Alchemy with Annie Adamson

    Yoga is not a one-size-fits-all undertaking. It’s a moving, breathing, natural, wild practice that must adapt and change in order to thrive. In this 75-minute vinyasa flow based practice you will experience a diverse and heart felt flow that will transform your movement and mind. Come and alchemi...

  • Whole Heart Flow with Jill Knouse

    Begin by grounding in and attuning to the body in the moment. With a slow acceleration and a mindfully layered sequence, we eventually move to pushing the limits and wiping a few beads of sweat from the brow. Our focus is to open the front body. In doing so, we strengthen the back body and use wh...

  • Full Spectrum Vinyasa with Chris Calarco

    This is a 60 min full spectrum Vinyasa class that includes a moderate pace, detailed alignment within the flow and strong, dynamic work. Class includes arm balances and backhanding, including several variations of Vashistasana. Parsva Bakasana and Eka Pada Urdhva Dhanurasana. You will need two bl...

  • Strong Acrobatic Flow with Ian LeMasters

    A strong 60 minute practice for those who like to get upside down and practice on their hands! Less instruction and more flow, work on several arm balances and inversions then finish off practice with backbends.

  • Hips & Heart Vinyasa Flow with Camille Soleil

    Aliven your body and awaken your mind with this strong, soulful flow. You'll start with a gentle warmup and make your way into a flow that opens up your hips and makes space for your chest and heart. Toward the end of class, you'll move into deep rest that allows your practice to marinate within ...

  • Sun Salutation Exploration with Jessica Baker

    This practice explores Sun A and Sun B with some options to play with hopping to heat up your body. A great practice to move and groove to when you are short on time or simply craving a more condensed movement session.

  • Peak into Asta-What! With Natasha Wightman

    Enjoy a funky and fun sequence that will have you feeling open and free. Let go of tightness in your side body (ribs), hamstrings, and chest. This class leads into one of my favorite poses, Compass, with an option to bring yourself into Astavakrasana - 8 limbed pose! This is not a beginner class.

  • Handstands and Splits with Natasha Wightman

    A funky fun flow that encourages you to go upside down! This practice also focuses on opening the hamstrings and hips to get you open and ready for the splits. This is NOT a class for those just starting to practice. Oh, and be prepared to giggle! You will need two blocks.