Slow Flow at Yoga Pearl

Slow Flow at Yoga Pearl

A slow and mindful flowing style of practice with a focus on breath and listening to the body.

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Slow Flow at Yoga Pearl
  • Wind Down with Amy Berryhill

    This 60 min slow flow will create soft inner fluidity as we attune to the earth's natural rhythm of slow, powerful and present. Moving between breath, full-body movement and deep trust in the stillness. Create space for a soothing drop back into what's true in your body and trust the natural cycl...

  • Full Body Reset with Amy Berryhill

    In this Slow Flow, we'll focus on bringing deep awareness to our entire body and rhythmically cleanse our stagnant energy with our breath and movement. Bring your nervous system out of overwhelm and into a relaxed powerful presence.

  • Grounding Flow with Amy Berryhill

    This 40-minute slow flow is a sweet grounding practice perfect for any time of the day you need a dose of peace and centering. Through conscious breathing and embodied movement, we’ll journey into a deep meditative state and out of overwhelm by attuning to the natural rhythm of our breath and pul...

  • A Little Bit of Everything with Emily Robinson

    Filling back in with you! A 40 minute Slow Flow Yoga class with a little bit of everything to help you reconnect back to yourself. You will be guided through a short breathing exercise to help get you centered, followed by a slow, mindful practice to help you stretch and strengthen your body. Th...

  • Open To Receive with Amy Berryhill

    This 40-minute slow flow is a gentle heart-opening practice designed to dissolve tension in your mind and body so more creative life force energy can move through you.

  • Embodied Slow Flow with Jill Knouse

    Attune to the subtler aspects of the body by slowing down, getting quiet and observing. Be here now, move mindfully and enjoy the relaxed pace of this gentle, 20 minute, Slow Flow practice. A brief but well-rounded class. All levels welcome.

  • Find Your Flow with Pam Blair

    Enjoy a slow, mindful flow that both opens the body and taps into your strength. This all-levels class focuses on weaving poses together that relax the nervous system, awaken the physical body and opens areas that tend to get constricted due to stress, fatigue and repetitive movement. You will l...

  • Mindful Back Body Strength with Margot Strauhull

    This slow flow class is designed to help you connect to the strength through your whole back body by connecting breath and movement to engage your back side. This is a great class to re-ignite all those muscles that support your posture and alignment. This is an all levels class.

  • Grounding Slow Flow with Emily Dalsfoist

    Staying close to the earth, you'll be invited to explore mindful and methodical movements that can help to down-regulate the nervous system.

  • Sacral Softening with Amy Berryhill

    Relax and restore with this 40 minute Slow Flow designed to gently strengthen and open your hips to release pent up stress and create a more spacious presence within.

  • Free the Hips with Emily Taylor

    This practice is all about the hips. Not just the long juicy holds we love to hate, but also mobility exercises to prepare for those long holds. As we play around with Figure 4 pose in a variety of ways you will need one item of support ( yoga block, bolster or a simple blanket folded up will do.)

  • Free the Middle Back with Colin Hogan

    This short and sweet Slow Flow class is designed to free the thoracic spine. Explore the complements of gentle heart opening and twisting to unstick the muscles between and around the shoulder blades. Class highlights length in the quadriceps, hip flexors and features a few deeper hip opening opp...

  • Recharge with Amy Berryhill

    This short & sweet 20-minute Slow Flow Recharge class is designed to alchemize low energy into energized clarity. Through gentle twists, heart-openers and energized pranayama, we'll create new space within to move throughout our day with more harmony and presence.

  • Finding Ease in Body and Mind with Margot Strauhull

    This slow flow class is designed to help you find ease in your body and mind. We know that we can reduce stress and anxiety through a bottom-up approach, which means calming the body first with breath work, movement and poses that stimulate your sympathetic nervous system and offer ease in your b...

  • Short and Sweet Heart Opening with Colin Hogan

    Enjoy this abbreviated heart opening sequence designed to maximize ease of breathing. Take some time for yourself! Make space for a more relaxed and full breathing rhythm by creating space around your heart.

  • Freedom and Space All Over with Colin Hogan

    Find freedom and space throughout your whole body with this comprehensive, yummy slow paced flow class. Take time to travel with your breath and visit major intersections of movement such as the hips, shoulders and all shapes of the spine.

  • Liberate Shoulders and Chest with Emily Taylor

    A quick dose of flow to explore spaciousness in the shoulders and chest. You’ll want to have one item of support (block, pillow or blanket).

  • Quick Wake Up Flow with Emily Taylor

    Low on time but need to get your body moving? Enjoy this grounding good morning flow designed to open the body, tune into your breath, and start your day in a mindful way.

  • Open Hips and Connected Breath with Natasha Wightman

    Enjoy this slow practice that focuses on slowing down the nervous system with deep hip openers and poses aimed to ease tension in your shoulders. You will need 2 blocks and a bolster or thick pillow.

  • Open Heart with Amy Berryhill

    This 40 minute Slow Flow is a sweet entrance to reopening your heart for deep-seeded emotional release and access to your joy body.

  • Release & Refill with Amy Berryhill

    This slow and sweet 60 minute practice will take you on a full body journey of breath and movement. Unlock creativity and confidence by releasing emotional tension.

  • Stress Relief and Body Flush with Amy Berryhill

    This 60 minute embodied slow flow creates a sweet rhythm of breath and movement to de-stress the nervous system, flush out old emotions, and create internal spaciousness. The body temple holds on to so much external stress. This practice is designed to clean from the inside out for more creativit...

  • Melting Hips with Amy Berryhill

    This 60 min slow flow works to release deep-seeded tension built up in the hips. Through pranayama, embodied movement and mindfulness, we'll journey 'root-to-rise' through the body--focusing on the sacral--for a flush of new prana, peace and aliveness in the body.