Skills & Drills at Yoga Pearl

Skills & Drills at Yoga Pearl

Short practices that provide strength building techniques and alignment cues to get you moving.

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Skills & Drills at Yoga Pearl
  • Purify + Recalibrate with Amy Berryhill

    This energetic release practice is designed to create spaciousness in your body and mind to drop you into a more relaxed open state, and clear out stuck emotions. By fusing Pranayama with Kundalini exercises, we'll purify and recalibrate to strengthen our nervous system and release tension.

  • Quick Tips for Handstand Technique with Ian LeMasters

    In this tutorial, we will cover basic handstand techniques for wrists, shoulders, hips and legs. Learn simple drills for alignment and conditioning, then put it all together for some handstands at the wall. Props needed: socks, blocks and a wall. Appropriate for all levels!

  • Wrist Stretch and Strength with Bonnie Weeks

    Warming up your wrists through stretching and strengthening your hands and forearms will give you more comfort, confidence, and enjoyment on your hands. In this class, we explore this by moving our wrists in all directions. We add blocks and a pair of weights to further challenge and strengthen.

  • Begin Handstands Playfully with Bonnie Weeks

    Learning how to exit a handstand can make it more comfortable to begin trying! Cartwheels not only serve that purpose, but also remind us that when we approach practice playfully, we find the work more enjoyable. As we work with side hops, it provides another non-traditional way to get used to sh...

  • Vinyasa Variations with Bonnie Weeks

    As you flow in sun salutation, you can use the same amount of breaths as you do traditionally, but switch the patterns of movement. What about downdog, updog, to Chaturanga? This class invites you to think outside the original paradigm while still honoring the breath and flow.

  • Pick Ups and Jump Throughs with Ian LeMasters

    Learn the beginning techniques of how to pick up and jump through. Simple techniques for building the strength as well as drills to get you there. Props: two blocks and a blanket (or socks).