Short Yoga Practices at Mountain Rose

Short Yoga Practices at Mountain Rose

These yoga classes are 30 minutes and under. There will be slower and gentler classes or for days when you need a quick fix.

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Short Yoga Practices at Mountain Rose
  • Hips & Twists

    Work through your hips and add twists to release more tension. Enjoy this level 2 class when time is pressed. Enjoy!

  • Easy on the Shoulders

    This class will focus on opening up the side body. There are easy lunge salutations. No chaturangas and no downward dogs for those days that your upper body needs a rest.

  • Reduce Anxiety

    Take time to settle into your body and connect to your breath. We will focus on longer exhales to stimulate the Parasympathetic nervous system - rest & digest. Do this class over and over again to soothe anxiety and feel calm.

  • Sun Salutations A & B

    Short on time. Moving through Sun Salutations A and a modified B will get you moving and open your whole body. You will briefly hold warrior 1, 2 and reverse warrior before a brief savanna.

  • Heart Grounding Flow

    Enjoy this class that focuses on backbends. Wonderful for a day after hunching over or being at your computer all day.

  • Get Flowing and Moving in 30!

    Short on time, but want to feel like you have accomplished something? Take this time to move through a well rounded yoga practice.

  • Yin Yoga for Unwinding

    Enjoy this 30 minute yin yoga class. Yin allows one to settle into a pose and work more with releasing the fascia and releasing tension in the joints. As soothing as it is, it can be rejuvenating as well.

  • Easy on the Shoulders

    This level 1/2 class is perfect when you want to just be easy on the shoulders. There will be a few standing poses, some easy lunge salutations, no downward dogs. Enjoy!

  • Restorative Side Flow

    Use your bolster or a few blankets in this restorative class. Just a few poses - side body, open your chest and a forward fold that will help you feel refreshed. This class may also make you yawn in a good way. Enjoy!

  • Lengthen Your Quads - Work to Bound Half Moon

    This class focuses on back bends. Enjoy Dancer's Pose, Bound Half Moon, and then unwind on your back. Enjoy!

  • Shoulder Release Class

    Thread the needle, gomukhasana arms, eagle arms - open all aspects of the shoulders. Perfect after a day at the computer or feeling stressed in the upper body. Enjoy!

  • Deep Restorative Yoga

    Take the time out to unwind from your life and nourish yourself. This class starts with legs up the wall to get your grounded followed by a twist, a gentle backbend and a forward fold to draw your attention back in. Enjoy!

  • 9 Minute Core Salutations

    Wanting to strengthen your lower abdominals? We will practice coming up in a pike or rounding forward to build your abdominal strength to help with jumping back, inversions and arm balances. Enjoy!

  • Short Flow Series - Level 2

    This level 2 class allows you to move at a steady pace through a standing series of warrior to warrior 2, triangle and half moon. You will end the practice with a backbends and a twist. Enjoy!

  • For Days that You Aren't Sure You Want to Practice...

    Yes, one of those days. That you know moving will make you feel better. Start on the ground and release your hips. Work up to hands and knees eventually to a few sun salutations. Then back to the floor for bridge and happy baby! Enjoy!

  • Inner Thigh Flow

    Start this class in septa baddha konasana with butterfly flaps then strengthening the outer hips. Move through 3 sun salutation Bs to warm up the body before moving into a standing flow. The flow includes tree to pigeon chair to warrior 1 to humble warrior to reverse triangle to triangle and half...

  • Core Flow

    This well paced class wonderfully moves through moving birddog to warm up the core. Moving through a few warrior 2s and triangle/reverse triangle to warm up the legs and hips. Move through malasana to tadasana and work towards crow. End with a restorative bridge and twist. Enjoy!

  • Build your Resiliency - Level 2

    We start on the ground with some breathing and gently move up to some Vayu Salutations. I few standing poses including some twists. Enjoy!

  • Restorative Yoga

    Ahhh! Time for yourself to nourish and heal your body. We start with broken river pose then move into some side body opening. We round off the practice with a forward fold and supine twist. Enjoy!