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Short Flow Series - Level 2

Short Yoga Practices at Mountain Rose • 18m

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  • For Days that You Aren't Sure You Wan...

    Yes, one of those days. That you know moving will make you feel better. Start on the ground and release your hips. Work up to hands and knees eventually to a few sun salutations. Then back to the floor for bridge and happy baby! Enjoy!

  • Inner Thigh Flow

    Start this class in septa baddha konasana with butterfly flaps then strengthening the outer hips. Move through 3 sun salutation Bs to warm up the body before moving into a standing flow. The flow includes tree to pigeon chair to warrior 1 to humble warrior to reverse triangle to triangle and half...

  • Core Flow

    This well paced class wonderfully moves through moving birddog to warm up the core. Moving through a few warrior 2s and triangle/reverse triangle to warm up the legs and hips. Move through malasana to tadasana and work towards crow. End with a restorative bridge and twist. Enjoy!