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Up Next in Short Yoga Practices at Mountain Rose

  • Create Space in Your Body

    With our breathe we can feel lighter and open up. When you are feeling heavy, tired, weighed down, this class is geared towards opening up the side body and finding more space within your body. Enjoy!

  • Shoulder Stabilization

    Finding shoulder stability is key for plank, chaturanga, arm balances and more in yoga. Use this class to help you understand and strengthen your shoulders. There are 4 key steps - this short class walks through each step seated, on all 4s and in plank. Use this class to help you get a better und...

  • Strengthen Your Glutes & Stretch Them

    Focusing on your bottom, this short class will focus on strengthening your gluts then moving through figure 4 and supine cow to release the muscles. Enjoy!

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