Short Yoga Practices at Mountain Rose

Short Yoga Practices at Mountain Rose

These yoga classes are 30 minutes and under. There will be slower and gentler classes or for days when you need a quick fix.

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Short Yoga Practices at Mountain Rose
  • Morning Flow

    This flow is perfect for the morning or when you are feeling like you are moving slow. We make our way up for a few sun salutations and standing poses. Enjoy!

  • Just Move Your Body

    Start simple then a few sun salutations to a standing series of wide leg forward folds, warrior 2, side angle and triangle. Enjoy!

  • Gentle Stretch for the Hips

    This class is when you just want to stretch your hip flexors, hips and hamstrings. Enjoy!

  • Legs Yoga Class

    Start with a glut & hamstring exercise to get into the hammier. Then moving into lunge salutation with some variation to really focus on the legs. A sun salutation, chair followed by bridge, a twist and forward fold to wrap up the 20 minutes. Enjoy!

  • Slow Flow/Yin Mix for Side Body & Chest

    Start in a supported fish pose with blocks. We then incorporate some movement and holding of poses. There is child pose, gate pose, sphinx and a few more. Enjoy!

  • Inner Thigh Focus with a Block

    We tend to forget about those inner thighs - but they are so key in finding more depth in our asana. Using your block in core work, chair, forward folds and more. Enjoy!

  • Move into Yin

    Yup! One of those days, where moving a little will go so much further than not. Start in child's pose then move into some hip opening and some gentle lunges. Slowly move into some more yin - longer held poses for the last 20 minutes.

  • Quick Backbend Class

    This backbend class focuses on opening up the front body to create more energy and feel more awake in your body. Enjoy!

  • Release from Sitting at your Desk All Day

    Slowly get your body moving after sitting at a desk or in the car for several hours. Enjoy!

  • Core Flow

    This 30 minute class targets your core through twists, leg lowers and more. Enjoy!

  • Release Pain from Sciatica

    Starting with supine cow pose to open the hips. Moving to some side leg lifts to strengthen the outer hips followed by some more stretching. Find relief from sciatica pain. Enjoy!

  • Lazy Day Yoga

    This practice is for those days that you are feeling like the need to move slower, but just want to stretch your body. Start on the ground and open up your hamstrings. Making your way to hands and knees to open the spine in all directions. Hamstring stretch, lunges and twists and gate pose! Enjoy.

  • Apres Mountain Yoga

    Take the time to stretch after taking a few turns or hours on the mountain. This slow and staying low to the ground class releases your hips, low back, hamstrings and hip flexors. The video stops in the final pose, but stay in legs up the wall as long as you need. Enjoy!

    (PS the video stops, b...

  • Slow Hip Opening Class

    Start on your back to gently open the hips. Move through birddog, sun salutations. There are a few standing series and end with a bridge. Enjoy!

  • Short & Quick Class - Level 2/2

    Start in downward dog then move into Sun Salutations. We have a few standing flows which start with a balance pose then into standing asana. Enjoy this class for those days when you are short on time!

  • Slow Grounding Flow

    Move from child's pose to all 4s to downward dog, plank and cobra/up dog and back to child's pose. This grounding flow creates some good heat in your core and arms. Enjoy!

  • Quick Standing Flow

    This standing flow gets you moving through Reverse Warrior, Side Angle Flow, to Half Moon, Reverse Warrior to goddess to High lunge to Eagle to Warrior 2. Repeat this flow! Enjoy!

  • Energy Balancing Salutations

    The Vayus in the body are the directions the energy moves in our bodies. These salutations bring your natural energy back to balance. When you are pressed for time, enjoy these salutations to keep you balanced and centered!

  • Creating More Space in Your Heart Center

    This 30 minute class focuses on creating more space in your heart center. When life is chaotic or uncertain it becomes more important to drop into yourself and connect to the Source/God/Universe. Enjoy this heart centered class!

  • Standing Hip Flow

    Tree to Warrior 3 to Warrior 1 to Half Moon .....Move through the same poses several times. Test your strength and your balance. End of with a refreshing twist and a sweet savasana. Enjoy!

  • Restorative Yoga

    5 minutes in wide leg forward fold, legs up the wall, some twisting and gentle backbends. Unwind from the stressors of the day. Enjoy!

  • Create Space in Your Body

    With our breathe we can feel lighter and open up. When you are feeling heavy, tired, weighed down, this class is geared towards opening up the side body and finding more space within your body. Enjoy!

  • Shoulder Stabilization

    Finding shoulder stability is key for plank, chaturanga, arm balances and more in yoga. Use this class to help you understand and strengthen your shoulders. There are 4 key steps - this short class walks through each step seated, on all 4s and in plank. Use this class to help you get a better und...

  • Strengthen Your Glutes & Stretch Them

    Focusing on your bottom, this short class will focus on strengthening your gluts then moving through figure 4 and supine cow to release the muscles. Enjoy!