Short Videos from Amana

Short Videos from Amana

3 Seasons

We do not always have an hour or more to practice yoga. We wanted to create a collection of videos under 30 minutes for healthcare workers, first responders and everyone else that has a limited time to focus on their practice.

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Short Videos from Amana
  • 7 Chakra Flow and Meditation with Alia

    Episode 1

    Learn about the 7 Chakras then connect with them through a short flow followed by a short mediation that will have you reflecting on your chakras.

  • Go with the Flow Balances and Inversion with Lori

    Episode 2

    This is a 30 minute intermediate to advanced yoga flow that is filled with deep stretches, inversions and balancing poses.

  • Salute the Sun with Justine

    Episode 3

    Salute the sun and stoke your inner fire as we flow through Sun Salutations A + B

  • 20 Minute Abdominal Workout + Flow with Carlye

    Episode 4

    Ab Workout & Flow series focuses on strengthening the torso while incorporating some yoga postures. Props needed: 1 block

  • Hatha Yoga with Carlye

    Episode 5

    This practice moves the spine in all directions with a focus on twisting. Unwind and release through this fun flow that your spine will especially love.

    Hatha yoga is a system of health that includes three distinct yet coexisting practices. Asanas (postures) are meant to bring comfort to the bod...

  • Intermediate/Advanced Flow with Lori

    Episode 6

    This is an energizing go with the flow practice. Lots of options to choose from in this dynamic vinyasa! Blocks and Blanket suggested but not needed.

  • Kapha Flow with Alia

    Episode 7

    In this energy boosting abbreviated flow we will shake up the heavy, stagnant, earthy energy that Kapha Season brings and enjoy a renewed sense of being together! I hope you enjoy

  • Meditation Prep: Breath Work + Flow with Alia

    Episode 8

    Breathwork is an intrinsic part of Yoga but we often think of it as separate. Asana (postures) and Pranayama (conscious breathing) were practices designed to prepare our bodies for meditation. Enjoy this 15 minute-meditation prep and notice how your sitting practice becomes slightly more accessible.

  • Grounding Practice with Alia

    Episode 9

    Center yourself with this short flow class, focusing on postures that will ground you.

    Amana Flow is a fluid class with an emphasis in creating heat in the body with breath that builds into a breath-to-movement dance. Typically a little quicker moving, postures are synchronized to build to an a...