Yoga for Cyclists 6 Class Series for Rapha

Yoga for Cyclists 6 Class Series for Rapha

Weekly Classes Starting Wednesday, December 2nd from 6:00 - 7:00 pm MT
December 2nd - January 6th
Price: $60

Join Alia Sebben, founder of Amana Yoga in Boulder CO in this six class series, Yoga For Cyclists. Each class is designed to increase flexibility & build strength in the places you need it the most— including your mind. This is the most effective cross training you could ask for to maximize performance!

Yin/Vin: Quads, Hip & Hammies!
This class combines longer held postures to increase flexibility by targeting both muscles and connective tissue. We will then transition into a more active, but meditative Yoga Flow.
Props needed: bolster, blanket & blocks if available

Vinyasa: Building Core Strength
In this all-levels, fiery flow we will work with a series of balancing posture and core exercises to build up your entire core! Our cool down will teach you ways to lengthen your psoas muscle and hip flexors.
Props needed: block and blanket

Yoga Nidra: A Guided Meditation
In this one hour class, we will move through simple postures and breathing exercises that will help to open your body and calm your mind. You will then set up for a restful guided meditation. Learn to focus your mind + build resilience!
Props needed: anything that will allow for you to lie on your back on your mat in a restful way. blankets/bolsters/pillows*

Yin Yoga: Neck + Shoulder Release:
In this passive class, we will work with longer holds in each yoga postures to promote a lasting opening through the entire upper body. We will end in a seated meditation where you were learn a breathing technique to release stress and anxiety.
Props needed: blanket, bolster, blocks

Fun Flow:
In this one hour all levels flow, we will flow through a series of standing posture and inversions, bringing playfulness back into training.
Props needed: blocks

Yin/Vin: Full Body
In this balanced practice, I’ll show you a series of postures you can do anywhere and in small bits everyday. Taking the benefits of yoga with you, where ever you go.
Props needed: none

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Yoga for Cyclists 6 Class Series for Rapha

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