Couples Massage Workshop with Symmetry Massage

Couples Massage Workshop with Symmetry Massage

A Couples Massage Workshop where you will learn how to massage your partner, friends and Family from the comfort of your own home.

Massage is one of the most ancient forms of healing there is. This workshop will help you and your special someone connect while working out the tension and pain from your day.

Couples Thai Massage Therapy was created to bring the benefits of massage right into your home. In this 1 hour workshop your instructor will help teach you and your partner easy and effortless massage techniques. Thai massage is a style easy to bring into the home as it is traditionally done on a floor mat over clothing so no specialized equipment is needed. Your instructor will guide you and your partner through a simple but effective 60 minute routine that you can continue to practice on each other.

After the Workshop, if you are interested in learning more about couples massage, Symmetry Massage is offering attendees a discount on their Couples Massage Online Package which includes a 2 hour video with 3 routines and a follow along book and sequence. A $97 package for only $78

Price per couple: $60

About Symmetry 360 Massage:
Symmetry 360 Massage Denver was created by two friends that were fellow massage therapists. They came together with a vision to offer massage that was more than just a luxury or escape. They wanted to highlight how helpful massage can be in supporting a persons health. To help people re-discover how amazing their own bodies could be with a little nurturing and relief from pain. To recognize how much ability each person has to affect positive change in themselves. To help be a catalyst for an internal message "When I feel great I can do more and when I do more, I see how much I am capable of". The human body is amazing and the human potential within that body is astounding. From that vision, Symmetry was created.

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Couples Massage Workshop with Symmetry Massage

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