21-Days of Meditation with Amana Yoga

21-Days of Meditation with Amana Yoga

Monday, March 8 - Sunday, March 28
Live each day at 2:00pm MST

Join the Amana Yoga teachers for 21 Days of Meditation!

These 20 minute meditations will air live each day at 2:00pm MST. If you cannot make the daily live meditation do not worry! After the live meditation has aired, recordings of them will replace the live event so you can access them later on whenever you like. The recordings will also be available for download so you can access them on your devices without having to access Fiteo online.

Amana has been incorporating weekly themes into their classes and offerings, and these meditations will be no different. The themes that will be covered are the third Yama, Asteya (non-stealing); Inversions or a change in perspective and the acceptance of change; and the fourth Yama, Brahmacharya (moderation).

Price: $50 (thats $2.50 a meditation)

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21-Days of Meditation with Amana Yoga

21 Videos

  • 21-Day Meditation - Day 1

    Focusing on this week's theme of Asteya (not-stealing), this meditation looks at taking kindness from the heart out to the world around.
    Led by Rebecca Guidera.
    *This meditation is audio only

  • 21-Day Meditation - Day 2

    This meditation focuses on breath - Opening up and being generous with energy.
    Theme: Asteya

  • 21-Day Meditation - Day 3

    With the Yama Asteya (non-stealing) in mind, this meditation focuses on: what you give, you receive. Led by Alyse Porpora
    *This meditation is audio only

  • 21-Day Meditation - Day 4

    Every moment is a unique constellation of factors coming together outside of you and within you. In this meditation we'll practice Asteya by honoring the right now, gifting ourselves the experience of this precious moment.

  • 21-Day Meditation - Day 5

    This meditation by Alia Sebben focuses on the theme of Asteya (non-stealing)

  • 21-Day Meditation - Day 6

    This meditation affirms that we are whole as we are. When we trust that what is for us will find us, the desire to steal (to take from others’ energy or possessions) is alleviated.
    *this meditation is audio only.

  • 21-Day Meditation - Day 7

    One way we can practice Asteya is to be fully a part of the present moment. This meditation guides you to be here as you are.
    *this meditation is sound only*

  • 21-Day Meditation - Day 8

    Led by Rebecca Guidera, this meditation takes you from the ground up. Position yourself with legs up the wall if desired.
    *This meditation is Audio Only

  • 21-Day Meditation - Day 9

    Lori Flower's Meditation on the Body
    This meditation focuses on the Body - Sense awareness & scanning. Honing into intuition and your third eye wisdom.

    *This mediation is sound only*

  • 21-Day Meditation - Day 10

    Change of Perspective meditation led by Carlye Cole.
    Times when we feel stuck, a change of perspective can help move us forward. This meditation provides space to consider our thoughts from a different view.
    *this meditation is audio only

  • 21-Day Meditation - Day 11

    *This mediation is sound only*
    This mediation focuses on this week's theme of inversions. On the nature of what it is like to turn things around, and upside-down. To see things from a new perspective, from within.

  • 21-Day Meditation - Day 12

    In this meditation will explore what it means to invert our perspective within our minds. These sublet concepts of yoga help to reduce daily suffering. Please sit on a blanket or bolster and place your back up against something.
    Led by Alia Sebben

  • 21-Day Meditation - Day 13

    This tonglen inspired meditation helps us practice active compassion toward ourselves and others. When we sit with what it is to suffer we give ourselves the opportunity to better understand and accept it. We can 'use what seems like poison as medicine.
    Led by Cat Eskey

    *This meditation is audio...

  • 21-Day Meditation - Day 14

    Supine Guided Relaxation led by Carlye Cole.
    Allow your body to take rest on the floor or in a bed. This meditation will guide you fully into mindful relaxation with awareness and ease.

    *This meditation is audio only*

  • 21-Day Meditation - Day 15

    Exploring energetic awareness through breath, body, mind, spirit and essence. Led by Rebecca Guidera

    *Audio Only

  • 21-Day Meditation - Day 16

    This meditation on Brahmacharya is led by Lori Flower
    *Audio Only

  • 21-Day Meditation - Day 17

    Alignment with Spirit. How can we become more aligned with our spiritual nature? This meditation brings reflection and pause for spiritual connectivity. Led by Carlye Cole
    *Audio Only

  • 21-Day Meditation - Day 18

    Experiencing somatic awareness from the end points of the body (crown, hands and feet) to the heart; releasing what no longer needs to be held and tuning into the authentic energy of self. Led by Rebecca Guidera

    *Audio Only*

  • 21-Day Meditation - Day 19

    The meditation is a visualization. We'll be welcoming your energy and parts of yourself back from external places, people, and things that it might be stuck in. Led by Cat Eskey
    *Audio Only*

  • 21-Day Meditation - Day 20

    Led by Rebecca Guidera

  • 21-Day Meditation - Day 21

    Welcome to meditation in honor of the powerful practice of bramacharya.
    Bramacharya, moderation of the senses, is a vital part of our yoga practice. The practice of bramacharya and meditation helps us to maintain our vitality. Where our attention goes, energy flows. This 20 minute energy conserv...