Pilates at Mountain Rose

Pilates at Mountain Rose

Strengthen your core in 30 minutes or less in a methodical and concise way to keep your spine healthy & strong.

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Pilates at Mountain Rose
  • Pilates - Trying some New Things

    Pilates compliments everything so well. Strengthening the core with isometric work, rollovers, the hundred. This time we incorporate corkscrew and outer hip strengtheners. Enjoy!

  • Pilates - Focus on "C" Curve

    Spinal flexion and movement through the entire spine is an important concept in pilates. This class focuses on that with some poses at the end to balance it all out. Enjoy!

  • Pilates

    This pilates class will move through working your core, then strengthening your back to strengthening your hips. End with push ups! Enjoy!

  • Pilates - Level 2/3

    A traditional sequenced pilates class focusing more on the front body.

  • Pilates

    Feel stronger. Move your spine. Feel good.

  • PIlates flow

    Warm up with some seated cat/cow and continue to add on. Holding some movements to get deeper into your core. Enjoy!