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Watch 21-Day Meditation - Day 10

Watch 21-Day Meditation - Day 10


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21-Day Meditation - Day 10

21-Days of Meditation with Amana Yoga • 20m

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  • 21-Day Meditation - Day 11

    *This mediation is sound only*
    This mediation focuses on this week's theme of inversions. On the nature of what it is like to turn things around, and upside-down. To see things from a new perspective, from within.

  • 21-Day Meditation - Day 12

    In this meditation will explore what it means to invert our perspective within our minds. These sublet concepts of yoga help to reduce daily suffering. Please sit on a blanket or bolster and place your back up against something.
    Led by Alia Sebben

  • 21-Day Meditation - Day 13

    This tonglen inspired meditation helps us practice active compassion toward ourselves and others. When we sit with what it is to suffer we give ourselves the opportunity to better understand and accept it. We can 'use what seems like poison as medicine.
    Led by Cat Eskey

    *This meditation is audio...