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Myofascial Release for Hamstrings

Myofascial Release at Mountain Rose • 9m 2s

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  • Myofascial Release for Inner Thighs &...

    Looking for more internal and external rotation in your hips. This class will work through the inner thighs and the piriformis area. Enjoy!

  • Infraspinatus Myofascial Release

    The infraspinatus - one of the rotator cuff muscles - can create a lot of tension or decrease range of motion. Roll out this muscles when your shoulders are feeling tight. Enjoy!

  • IT Band & TFL Myofascial Release

    The TFL is a muscle that gets tight & dehydrated from too much sitting or tight from just overuse. It attaches in the IT - iliotibial band - and can create pain along the lateral thigh or the lateral knee. Great one for runners, cyclists or for this who hold tension in the lateral thigh. Enjoy!