Meditation and Pranayama at Yoga Pearl

Meditation and Pranayama at Yoga Pearl

Pranayama restores balance to the nervous system creating a relaxed awareness for meditation.

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Meditation and Pranayama at Yoga Pearl
  • 5 Element Meditation with Emily Dalsfoist

    The 5 great elements (Pancha Mahabhutas) that show up in the natural world also exist within each of us and can be potent guides to living in harmony and balance inside and out. With your breath as the doorway, you're invited into your body to explore the connection between your inner and outer w...

  • Gentle Warm Ups, Simple Breathwork, and Meditation with Shalom Mayberg

    This short class is a perfect way to start or end your day. Enjoy gentle warmups, useful breathing techniques, and finish with a short guided meditation. You can practice this class before your morning cup to begin your day feeling vibrant or wind down after a full day and slowly, quiet your sens...

  • Settling Your Heart and Mind with Heather Shaw

    A gentle moving breath-centered meditation to help the mind drop into the feeling space of the heart.

  • Ebb & Flow with Heather Shaw

    Viloma is a pranayama practice that increases lung capacity to create a sense of expansiveness, preparing the body and mind for meditation. This practice uses supported postures as well as breath regulation techniques to deepen the felt sense of its natural ebb and flow.

  • Dissolving with Christopher Miller

    A guided meditation in which we release unwanted tension in the body (whether it originated from you or not) by dissolving layers of our being. We then rebuild our bodies, layer by layer, refreshed, restored, and free.

  • Body Scan with Christopher Miller

    A guided meditation in which we scan the body from head to toe, becoming aware of the sensations we are feeling.

  • Loving-Kindness (Maitrī) with Christopher Miller

    Loving-Kindness (Maitrī) - A guided meditation in which we expand Loving-Kindness internally towards our body, and share Loving-Kindness externally towards the world.

  • Non-Seeded Meditation with Christopher Miller

    A lightly guided meditation in which we release our attention and relationship from our body, our breath, our mind, and our environment. Our goal in this meditation is to sit with no goal at all.

  • Grounding Meditation with Emily Robinson

    Take a journey with Emily Robinson as she guides you through a relaxing meditation on grounding to help calm the nerves and soothe the soul. All you will need is a quiet space and a seat to sit back and relax. You can use a chair, sit on the floor or lay down and get comfortable. No prior medita...

  • Balance the Nervous System with Heather Shaw

    In this practice move through simple stretches combined with alternate nostril breathing to balance the body and mind, creating a sense of relaxed awareness and clarity that is naturally supportive for our meditation practice. This is a complete practice, but feel free to spend more time sitting...

  • Body Scan Meditation with Emily Taylor

    An 8 minute body scan to come back to your center, your breath, and a deep sense of rootedness within.