Long Yoga Practices at Mountain Rose

Long Yoga Practices at Mountain Rose

These classes are 45 - 60 minutes long. You will have a little more time to explore in poses and a longer savasana.

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Long Yoga Practices at Mountain Rose
  • The Rocket 1

    This vinyasa class based on ashtanga combines first and second series. Practice arm balancing in crow, and have some time in inversions. This is a fun flow and will get you moving. Enjoy!

  • Low Back Strengthener & Release - Level 2

    This class took into consideration someone whose back had recently seized up. We focuses on releasing, strengthening and lengthening the low back. Enjoy!

  • Side Plank & Side Body Flow

    Side Plank and Side Body Flow. Test your strength in several side planks. This is a fun flow. Enjoy!

  • Shoulder Release - Level 2

    Long day of sitting at your computer or being hunched over. Use this class to release tension between your shoulders. Enjoy this class!

  • Moving Hip Flow

    Move through your hips with this even paced flow. Constantly moving, level 2 class, work with humble warrior, side lunges with downward dog and more. Enjoy!

  • Calming Practice

    Calm. Peace. Centered. This flow starts in a childs pose and flows to cobra a few times. Move through the salutations at the back of the mat - warrior 1 to pyramid. You will also work with triangle, half moon eventually making your way to the mat to end with bridges, twist and legs up the wall! E...

  • Slow Flow Hip Class - Level 2

    This class will help you to release your hips, hamstrings and low back. We take our time on the ground with figure 4, then move up to hands and knees. We make our way to sun salutations then a standing flow. Back to the ground to release and unwind. Enjoy!

  • Morning Wake Up Flow - Level 2

    Start in child's pose then come to hands and knees to begin to move the body. We slowly open up the hamstrings and get the gluts firing. Moving into some sun salutations then a side body flow and chest openers. Feel ready to tackle your day! Enjoy!

  • Internal External Rotations of your Legs

    This class will help you increase rotation of the thigh bones in your hip sockets. We spend some time warming up the hips at the beginning and eventually working to a standing flow. Unwind with an inversion, backbends, more hip openers on your back and a twist. Enjoy!

  • Resiliency through Breath

    This breath centered practice builds prana (life force energy) by focusing on your breathe in every pose. We focus on twists and forward folds and work up to revolved half moon. This class will leave you feeling calm and grounded. Enjoy!

  • Feel Good Flow 2

    We start on our backs focusing on deep abdominal breathing. Stretch the hips and low back. Then cat/cow on our backs for a few rounds. Eventually making our way to stand. There we set up for a flow including low lunge, lunge, a balance pose back to lunge, warrior 2, triangle and half moon. We mov...

  • Quad Focused Class

    Start with some myofascial release for the quads. We then move into some lengthening of the front of the thighs. We work into standing splits holding the lifted foot with the opposite hand. It's a fun class that explores a new pose! Have fun!

  • Dig Deep to Find Strength & Stability

    This class is about finding that inner well of strength. We will move through sun As and Bs. Afterwards we will pose each pose for 1 minute long while practicing a mantra that will help you dig in deep to find your own strength and reserve. Enjoy!

  • Compassion & Chest Openers

    When we need to focus on our heart for a moment. Start in a chest opener on blocks. Making our way into some sun salutations A & B. Move through two short standing sequences then to a standing flow. End of with an inversion, back bend and figure 4. Enjoy!

  • Start Slow and Move

    Start on your back and make your way to all fours slowly. Warm up the legs and make your way to sun salutations. A short standing series then move back to the ground.

  • Strengthen Your Arms

    Arms! Such an essential part of settling into a pose, but we often forget how important they. We will be focusing on building your arm strength in this class. There will be side planks, planks, push ups, crow and more. Enjoy!