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Up Next in Long Yoga Practices at Mountain Rose

  • Slow Flow Hip Class - Level 2

    This class will help you to release your hips, hamstrings and low back. We take our time on the ground with figure 4, then move up to hands and knees. We make our way to sun salutations then a standing flow. Back to the ground to release and unwind. Enjoy!

  • Morning Wake Up Flow - Level 2

    Start in child's pose then come to hands and knees to begin to move the body. We slowly open up the hamstrings and get the gluts firing. Moving into some sun salutations then a side body flow and chest openers. Feel ready to tackle your day! Enjoy!

  • Internal External Rotations of your Legs

    This class will help you increase rotation of the thigh bones in your hip sockets. We spend some time warming up the hips at the beginning and eventually working to a standing flow. Unwind with an inversion, backbends, more hip openers on your back and a twist. Enjoy!