Long Yoga Practices at Mountain Rose

Long Yoga Practices at Mountain Rose

These classes are 45 - 60 minutes long. You will have a little more time to explore in poses and a longer savasana.

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Long Yoga Practices at Mountain Rose
  • Baby Grasshopper

    Baby Grasshopper! Work on opening your hamstrings and twisting. A fun sun A's with a modification for the last one. Sun B's with a fun variation adding in fallen star. Moving onto standing poses with triangle, wide leg forward fold, high lunge and a few more. Make your way into baby grasshopper. ...

  • All Over Flow

    Start in a childs pose with a thread the needle twist. Then move into some gentle backhanding followed by forearm plank and side arm plank. Open up the legs before moving into Sun As and Bs. Our standing series incorporates high lunge, humble warrior, triangle a few balancing poses. End off with ...

  • Side Lunge Flow

    Starting in child's pose we slowly begin to open up the side body. Working through cat/cow to bird dog then a few variations of modified side plank. A few sun salutations followed by a few standing poses then into the flow. Work with High lunge to knee to chest to side lunge back to knee to chest...

  • Post Hike Yoga Class

    Start on your back and release the hips with supine sukhasana, figure 4. Moving onto your hands and knees for a few hip releasing poses. We move through some high lunges, wide leg forward folds. A few sun salutations to end up in legs up the wall. Enjoy!

  • Myofascial Release & Yoga

    This class will explore some myofascial stretches and movements while moving through some yoga poses. We will look at releasing the spine, the hips, thighs, and wrists. We move through some sun salutations and a few poses. Enjoy this class!

  • Low Back & Hip Release

    Relieve tightness in your low back and hips. The first 20 minutes are spent doing myofascial release. The later half of the class is spent creating space and releasing tightness in your low back and hip. Enjoy!

  • Focus on Your Legs

    When your legs need a little push - we focus on stretching the quads and strengthening the gluts and hamstrings. We move through dynamic chair, lunge to half pyramid to high lunge flow and more. Enjoy!

  • Spring Flow 2

    Try a asymmetrical cat/cow, some low lunges and side bends. Sun salutations with a standing crescent pose. Yes! Working the side body in this Spring Flow! Also work through side angle, pyramid pose, warrior 3, half moon, triangle. Unwind on your back with some hip releases. Enjoy!

  • Inner/outer Hips 2

    This class starts with core work followed by some simple twists. A fun sequence to challenge your stability and strength. A few sun salutations into a variety of standing sequences. Enjoy!

  • Minimal Forward Folds

    This class focuses on steadiness, strength with intensity. We start by opening the low back and hip flexors. Move through salutations from the back of the mat. From there a slow flow that focuses on strength and stability. Holding poses then making our way to bridge, figure 4 and a few more poses...

  • Compass Pose & Koundinyasana Pose

    This hip & hamstring opener class incorporates bird of paradise, koundinyasana and compass pose. Work the hip in half happy baby, lizard pose, flying airplane and more. Open the hamstrings at the beginning and throughout the class. Listen to your body and meet your edge. Enjoy!

  • Progressive Flow - Level 2

    Starting with some breath work and some sun salutations to get your body ready. We then move into a lunge salutation series adding one pose and holding it for 5 breaths. Each time you move through the series you revisit each prior pose. This is a fun moving class. Enjoy!

  • Welcome Spring Flow - Level 2

    Working with the Chinese Medicine Theory we focus on opening up the Liver & Gall Bladder energies to move the body and release stagnancy. This class focuses on lateral poses and moving. We add a crescent in Sun A, a fallen star in Sun Bs. Working through triangle, side angle pose, some twisting ...

  • Flow Yoga

    This level 2 class starts with sun salutations A & B. We then move into a standing series with wide leg forward folds, pyramid pose and revolved triangle. This moves right into a standing flow that includes half moon, triangle, reverse warrior, side angle and a twist. Make your way to your back t...

  • Work towards Flamingo! (level 2/3)

    We work towards Flamingo Pose in this class. We spend time opening the chest to make moving into a bind easier. Move through a progressive lunge salutations. Lots of core work sprinkled throughout. Have a strap handy if binding is just at your fingertips. Enjoy!

  • Core Flow with Split Hops - Level 2/3

    This 40 minute class will get you moving while focusing on core strength. The standing series uses split hops to get to the top of the mat and work through each standing series. A brief cool down to unwind, but feel free to add on. Enjoy!

  • Spinal Mobility

    The health of our spine is key to the health off our nervous systems. We explore cat/cow on our backs, in lunges, chair and downward dog. Feel longer and taller with this class. Enjoy!

  • Slow Flow to Open Your Side Body

    Start on your back in supine crescent followed by a twist. Work into birddog, gate pose and thread the needle. Making your way to standing for some sun salutations and a few short standing sequences with side plank and half moon. Back to the ground for inversions, bridge and some hip releases. En...

  • Heart Centered Flow

    Start in a supportive fish pose with a blanket to create more space through your heart center. This backbend focus class works up to Dancer's pose. Enjoy!

  • Mid February Restorative

    It is that time of year where winter feels long and our bodies are tired. Take time out to nourish your body with this restorative class. Enjoy!

  • Feel Good Flow 3

    This Feel Good Flow is for days when you need to spend a little bit of time on the your back before you move. Open up the legs and hamstrings. Move to your hands and knees for cat/cow, some hip openers and thread the needle. Move through some sun salutations. Standing we work the hips and make ou...

  • Strengthen Your Back

    Our back side needs more attention and love then we often give it. This class will start with bridges to get the hamstrings and gluts firing. Moving into a step forward and into modified warrior 3 (option to use blocks). A few sun salutations and then we move into a standing series - Knee to ches...

  • Open & Lengthen Your Side Body

    This class starts with a release for the sciatic nerve and moves into some sun salutations. The flow is focused on the side body - reverse warrior to side angle to half moon to reverse to side plank. Enjoy!

  • Contract & Expand Flow

    This level 2 class is a flow class that will get you moving. We move through Sun Salutations A, and B. The flow will include reverse warrior, warrior 2, half moon, eagle and goddess. There will be an opportunity for crow and some good core strengthening! Enjoy!