Align with Cultivate Balance

Align with Cultivate Balance

Embrace the simple tools of Ayurvedic lifestyle design to feel your very best - every day. Sustain energy by establishing daily and season routines that works to realign your body and mind with the natural rhythm of our world. Learn the wisdom of long-term healthy habits that result in radiance and resilience, while elevating your experience of selfcare. Get ready for next-level nurturance of your entire being.

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Align with Cultivate Balance
  • Foundations of Ayurveda with Cultivate Balance

    Get a crash-course in Ayurveda and how it applies to your life. We’ll cover the philosophy of this ancient healing science in accessible terms, and then provide practical Ayurvedic tools, rituals and remedies that will support you to feel and look better than you ever have. A more balanced and vi...

  • Daily Routine + Self Care with Cultivate Balance

    Dial in your daily routine to experience more sustained energy and focus throughout the day! Learn to optimize your physical and mental wellness through the structure of an Ayurvedic daily routine that will easily integrate into your lifestyle. We’ll also talk about the key self care rituals that...

  • Get Activated Soulful Ayurveda for your Spring Detox

    In this 90 minute virtual workshop, we’ll discuss common wellness challenges that arise during this seasonal transition, including brain fog, low energy, congestion, allergies, depression, cystic acne, intense sugar cravings, or digestive discomforts. We’ll then provide simple yet powerful tools ...